2021 Basic Straight Wire Orthodontics-FL - Session 1 of 5

Session 1 of 5: Introduction to Straight Wire Orthodontics - Lecture 1. The financial and practical benefits of incorporating orthodontics into your practice. 2. An overview of this course in Basic Orthodontics. 3. Examples of cases you will be treating after this course. 4. Cephalometrics-Landmarks, definitions and diagnosis. 5. The intro cephalometric analysis. 6. Understanding the straight wire orthodontic appliance system. 7. Understanding the tip and torque in the straight wire bracket. 8. Necessary records for orthodontic standard of care. 9. How to band and bracket teeth. 10. Diagnosing and treatment planning your cases. Demonstration - Placing Separators. Exercises - Bracketing Anatomical Teeth - Learning the effect of bracket positioning on the teeth - branding & bracketing the clear typodont-learning correct bracketing positions
5/14/2021 - 5/16/2021
Renaissance Orlando Airport Hoel (407) 240-1000 Use Code AOS for Group Rate Orlando, FL 32812
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